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Type Seidman, David N.
  Publication Three-Dimensional Atom-Probe Tomography: Advances and Applications Volume Journal Article
Pages 2007
  Abstract Annual Review of Materials Research  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 37  
  Summary Language 127-158 Series Editor field-ion microscopy, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, laser-assisted LEAPTM tomography, α-Al/Al3Sc heterophase interfaces, Ni-Al-Cr alloys, Ni-Al-Cr-Re alloys, InAs nanowires  
Abbreviated Series Title This review presents the historical temporal evolution of an atomprobe tomograph (APT) from its genesis (1973) from field-ion microscope images of individual tungsten atoms (1955). The capabilities of modern APTs employing either electrical or laser pulsing are discussed. The results of the application of APTs to specific materials science problems are presented for research performed at Northwestern University on the following problems: (a) the segregation of Mg at α-Al/Al3Sc heterophase interfaces, (b) phase decomposition in ternary Ni-Al-Cr and quaternary Ni-Al-Cr-Re alloys, and (c) 3-D nanoscale composition mapping of an InAs semiconductor nanowire whose growth was catalyzed by gold. These results demonstrate that it is now possible to obtain highly quantitative information from APT that can be compared with modeling, theory, simulations, and/or first-principles calculations.
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no NU @ karnesky @ 1926
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