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Type Menand, A.; Zapolsky-Tatarenko, H.; Nerac-Partaix, A.
  Publication Atom-probe investigations of TiAl alloys Volume Journal Article
Pages 1998
  Abstract Materials Science and Engineering A  
  Corporate Author Mater. Sci. Eng. A  
Publisher A250  
  Summary Language 55-64 Series Editor 3D Atom Probe, Intermetallics  
Abbreviated Series Title Atom probe field ion microscopy (APFIM) and tomographic atom probe (TAP) have been used to study TiAi-based alloys. The element concentrations, the influence of additional elements such as Cr or Nb as well as the solubility of oxygen in alpha(2) (Ti3Al) and gamma (TiAl) phases in compounds with nominal concentration Ti54Al46 and Ti58Al42 have been determined. By using the detection of oxygen atoms as a very local probe, the present investigation revealed the existence of some intermediate phases during the phase transformation alpha --> gamma. The presence of the oxygen atoms during this transformation gives some peculiarities on the transformation path. The appearance of some metastable phases may be explained by the existence of the homologous series Ti2n-1Aln where n is an integer varying from 1 (stoichiometry TiAl) to infinity (phase alpha(2) Ti2Al). (C) 1998 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved.
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no 2315
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