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Title Fuller, Christian B.; Seidman, David N.
Year Temporal Evolution of the Nanostructure of Al(Sc,Zr) Alloys: Part II—Coarsening of Al[sub:3]Sc[sub:1-x]Zr[sub:x] Precipitates
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 2005 Keywords Acta Materialia
Address Acta Mater.
Thesis 53
Place of Publication 20 Language 5415-5428
Original Title Al-Sc-Zr; Phase Transformations; nanostructure; Transmission electron microscopy (TEM),
Series Title The coarsening behavior of four Al(Sc,Zr) alloys containing small volume fractions (< 0.01) of Al3(Sc1-xZrx) (L12) precipitates was investigated employing conventional transmission electron microscopy (CTEM) and high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM). The activation energies for diffusion-limited coarsening were obtained employing the Umantsev-Olson-Kuehmann-Voorhees (UOKV) model for multi-component alloys. The addition of Zr is shown to retard significantly the coarsening rate and stabilize precipitate morphologies. HREM of Al(Sc,Zr) alloys aged at 300C reveals Al3(Sc1-xZrx) precipitates with sharp facets parallel to {100} and {110} planes. Coarsening of Al-0.07 Sc-0.019 Zr at.%, Al-0.06 Sc-0.005 Zr at.%. and Al-0.09 Sc-0.047 Zr at.% alloys is shown to be controlled by volume diffusion of Zr atoms, while coarsening of Al-0.14 Sc-0.012 Zr et al. is controlled by volume diffusion of Sc atoms. Series Volume
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