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Title Chi, E. J.; Shim, J. Y.; Baik, H. K.; Lee, S. M.
Year Fabrication of amorphous-carbon-nitride field emitters
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 1997 Keywords Applied Physics Letters
Address Appl. Phys. Lett.
Thesis 71
Place of Publication Language 324-326
Original Title Field Emission; Field emitters; Eutectic silicon; Electric currents; Carbon; Electron affinities
Series Title o improve siliconfield emitters, an amorphous-carbon-nitride (a-CN) coating was applied by helical resonator plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. By this process, a-CN was very uniformly coated on silicon tips without any damage. Microstructural and electrical investigation of the silicon and a-CN coated field emitters were performed. a-CN coating lowered turn-on voltage and increased emission current. Negative electron affinity of carbon nitride is suggested for enhancing emission current. Series Volume
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