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Type Blavette, D.; Soisson, F.; Martin, G.; Pareige, C.
  Publication Ordering and Phase Separation in Model Superalloys: 3D Atom Probe versus Monte Carlo simulation Volume Book Chapter
Pages 1999
  Abstract Proceedings of the International Conference on Solid-Solid Phase Transformations  
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  Summary Language 65-72 Series Editor ordering, phase separation, Ni-Al-Cr, 3D atom-probe, monte carlo simulation; 3D Atom Probe, Superalloys  
Abbreviated Series Title The kinetics of ordering and unmixing in model superalloys (NiCrAl) at 600C were effects in the ' investigated at the atomic scale using 3D atom probe and by transmission electron it ion here that microscopy. Very fine precipitates (lnm) with a well ordered structure (Ni3 Al) were observed in the early stages of growth At this stage, their composition was found very close to the equilibrium composition of the y' phase. Coarsening of y' precipitates was observed in the early stages, for particle radius under 2 nm Monte Carlo simulations of kinetics based on a atom-vacancy exchanges mechanism and using a residence time algorithm were also conducted. Experiments and simulations have shown a good agreement. Monte carlo simulations indicate that short range ordering of both Al and Cr precedes the nucleation and Ni3AI ordered phase. The Cr content in nuclei was foun: to be close to that of solution in the very early stages of phase separation
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