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Type Mohamed, Farghalli A.; Langdon, Terence G.
  Publication The transition from dislocation climb to viscous glide in creep of solid solution alloys Volume Journal Article
Pages 1974
  Abstract Acta Metallurgica  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 22  
Editor 6
  Summary Language 779-788 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title There are two distinct and separate classes of creep behavior in metallic solid solution alloys. The mechanism of creep in Class I alloys appears to be some form of dislocation climb process, whereas the mechanism in Class II alloys appears to be a viscous glide process. By making assumptions concerning the nature of the climb and glide processes, and using existing experimental results for an Al-3% Mg alloy, it is shown that, to a, first approximation, the criterion for deformation by viscous glide is given by Image where B not, vert, similar 8 × 1012, σ is the applied stress, k is Boltzmann's constant, v is Poisson's ratio, γ is the stacking fault energy, G is the shear modulus, b is the Burgers vector, T is the absolute temperature, e is the solute-solvent size difference, and c is the concentration of solute atoms. The creep behavior of twenty-eight different solid solution alloys is analyzed, and it is shown that all alloys except one (Au-10% Ni) give results which are consistent with this criterion for viscous glide.
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