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Type Ahmad, Zaki; Ul-Hamid, Anwar; B.J., Abdul-Aleem
  Publication The corrosion behavior of scandium alloyed Al 5052 in neutral sodium chloride solution Volume Journal Article
Pages 2001
  Abstract Corrosion Science  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 43  
Editor 7
  Summary Language 1227-1243 Series Editor Corrosion; Al–Mg–Sc; Age-hardening; Microstructure; Pitting potential; Polarization  
Abbreviated Series Title Alloying with scandium has a strong influence on the strengthening and weight saving characteristics of Al–2.5Mg alloys. Scandium addition (0.1–0.3 wt.%) to Al–2.5Mg alloys does not introduce any appreciable loss in their resistance to corrosion in 3.5 wt.% NaCl. The corrosion behavior of these alloys is not significantly affected by age hardening. Because of a unique combination of outstanding mechanical properties and a good resistance to corrosion Al–Mg alloys containing scandium represent a major improvement over the more familiar Al–Mg alloys.
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