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Type Abe, T.; Brenner, S. S.; Soffa, W. A.
  Publication Decomposition of a Cu-Ni-Cr ternary alloy Volume Journal Article
Pages 1991
  Abstract Surface Science  
  Corporate Author Surf. Sci.  
Publisher 246  
Editor 1-3
  Summary Language 266-271 Series Editor Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy  
Abbreviated Series Title Atom-probe field-ion microscopy (APFIM) was employed to study the phase separation process in a Cu-33.3at%Ni-1.7at%Cr ternary alloy. Formation of the coherent second phase was clearly observed after aging for 15 min at 823 K. Although no discrete precipitates were recognized in the Ne-ion image before 15 min aging, APFIM results showed a broadening in the concentration fluctuations. A grand-canonical (Gaussian) distribution was used to described the time evolution of the frequency distribution of Ni in the composition profiles. From the logarithmic plot of the relative change in variance versus aging time, the relaxation time for the clustering of Ni was determined.
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no 4478
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