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Type Karnesky, Richard A.; Meng, Liang; Seidman, David N.; Dunand, David C.
  Publication Mechanical Properties of a Heat-Treatable Al-Sc Alloy Reinforced with Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] Volume Book Chapter
Pages 2003
  Abstract Affordable Metal-Matrix Composites for High Performance Applications II  
  Corporate Author  
  Summary Language 215-224 Series Editor Aluminum alloys, Scandium, Alumina, Mechanical properties, Precipitation strengthening, Dispersoid strengthening, Threshold stress; Al-Sc  
Abbreviated Series Title The mechanical behavior of precipitation-strengthened Al-0.18 wt.% Sc alloys containing 30 vol.% Al2O3 dispersoids is studied at 25, 300 and 350°C. The effect of Al3Sc precipitate size is studied by varying aging treatments. Microhardness measurements show that both populations of particles (nanometer-sized Al3Sc precipitates and submicron-sized Al2O3 dispersoids) contribute to strength at ambient temperature. At elevated temperature, a threshold stress is observed, indicative of interactions between matrix dislocations and the particles. The threshold stress is significantly higher than either Al-0.18 wt.% Sc alloys without Al2O3 dispersoids or Al-30 vol.% Al2O3 without Al3Sc precipitates. This indicates that strengthening is occurring at both length scales and in a nonlinear manner, as the reinforced alloy exhibits strength higher than the sum of the strengths of Al-Sc and Al-Al2O3 alloys.
  Series Issue Northwestern University ISSN  
  Expedition TMS Notes Chicago  
Call Number Awadh B. Pandey, Kevin L. Kendig, John Lewandowski, and Sandeep R. Shah  
Contribution Id English  
Serial URL ISBN  
0-87339-557-3 Materials Science & Technology 2003 no NU @ karnesky @ 528
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