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Type Harada, Y.; Dunand, D.C.
  Publication Creep Properties of Al[sub:3]Sc and Al[sub:3](Sc, X) Intermetallics Volume Journal Article
Pages 2000
  Abstract Acta Materialia  
  Corporate Author Acta Mater.  
Publisher 48  
Editor 13
  Summary Language 3477-3487 Series Editor Journal Article; Aluminum compounds, Mechanical properties; Scandium compounds, Mechanical properties; Intermetallics, Mechanical properties; Titanium, Alloying additive; Yttrium, Alloying additive; Zirconium, Alloying additive; Hafnium, Alloying additive; Creep (materials), Alloying effects; Dislocation mobility, Deformation effects; Al-Sc; mechanical properties creep intermetallic compounds bulk diffusion scandium microstructure high-temperature creep l12 trialuminides self-diffusion behavior fracture films al3ti compression chromium aluminum  
Abbreviated Series Title A systematic creep study was undertaken for the binary intermetallic Al sub 3 Sc and the ternary single-phase intermetallic Al sub 3 (Sc sub 0.74 X sub 0.26 ), where X is one of the transition-metals Ti, Y, Zr or Hf. Creep tests were conducted in the temperature range from 673-1200K under a constant compressive stress ranging from 30-300 MPa. The binary Al sub 3 Sc exhibits a stress exponent of 4.4-4.9 indicative of creep controlled by climb of dislocations. The activation energy for creep of Al sub 3 Sc was 128plus/minus6 kJ/mol, close to that for self-diffusion for pure aluminum, in agreement with the Cu sub 3 Au rule, indicating that diffusion on the Al-sublattice is controlling. Ternary Al sub 3 (Sc sub 0.74 X sub 0.26 ) exhibits a decrease in creep rate by about one order of magnitude for Zr and Hf and by about two orders of magnitude for Ti and Y. For all ternary alloys, a stress exponent of 3.9-5.5 was observed, indicative of dislocation creep. Activation energies for creep of 202plus/minus8 kJ/mol were found, showing that ternary substitution for scandium with transition metals affects diffusion on the Al sublattice.
  Series Issue Northwestern University (Evanston); Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan) ISSN  
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Contribution Id English  
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1359-6454 37 ref., Photomicrographs, Graphs, Numerical Data no NU @ karnesky @ 544
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