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Type Sudbrack, Chantal K.; Yoon, Kevin E.; Noebe, Ronald D.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Temporal evolution of the nanostructure and phase compositions in a model Ni-Al-Cr alloy Volume Journal Article
Pages 2006
  Abstract Acta Materialia  
  Corporate Author Acta Mater.  
Publisher 54  
Editor 12
  Summary Language 3199-3210 Series Editor nanostructure; nucleation of phase transformations; coarsening; Ni alloys; atom-probe tomography  
Abbreviated Series Title In a Ni-5.2 Al-14.2 Cr at.% alloy with moderate solute supersaturations and a very small &#947;/&#947;&#8242; lattice parameter misfit, the nanostructural and compositional pathways during &#947;&#8242;(L12) precipitation at 873 K are investigated using atom-probe tomography, conventional transmission electron microscopy, and hardness measurements. Nucleation of high number densities (Nv > 1023 m&#8722;3) of solute-rich precipitates (mean radius = left angle bracketRright-pointing angle bracket = 0.75 nm), with a critical nucleus composition of Ni-18.3 0.9 Al-9.3 0.7 Cr at.%, initiates between 0.0833 and 0.167 h. With increasing aging time (a) the solute concentrations decay in spheroidal precipitates (left angle bracketRright-pointing angle bracket < 10 nm); (b) the observed early-stage coalescence peaks at maximum Nv in coincidence with the smallest interprecipitate spacing; and (c) the reaction enters a quasi-stationary regime where growth and coarsening operate concomitantly. During this quasi-stationary regime, the &#947; (face-centered cubic)-matrix solute supersaturations decay with a power-law dependence of about &#8722;1/3, while the dependencies of left angle bracketRright-pointing angle bracket and Nv are 0.29 0.05 and &#8722;0.64 0.06 at a coarsening rate slower than model predications. Coarsening models allow both equilibrium phase compositions to be determined from the compositional measurements. The observed early-stage coalescence is discussed in further detail.
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