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Title Karnesky, Richard A.; van Dalen, Marsha E.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
Year Effects of Substituting Rare-Earth Elements for Scandium in a Precipitation-Strengthened Al 0.08 at.% Sc Alloy
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 2006 Keywords Scripta Materialia
Address Scripta Mater.
Thesis 55
Place of Publication 5 Language 437-440
Original Title Aluminum alloys; Scandium; Rare-earth elements; Lanthanides, Precipitation strengthening; Local-Electrode Atom-Probe tomography; LEAP; Al-Sc
Series Title The microhardness of Al-0.06 Sc-0.02 RE (at.%, with RE = Dy, Er, Gd, Sm, Y, or Yb) alloys is measured as a function of aging time at 300C. As compared to Al-0.08 Sc, the ternary alloys exhibit: (i) the same incubation time, except for Al-0.06 Sc-0.02 Yb which hardens much faster; (ii) the same or reduced peak microhardnesses (which are higher than for Al-0.06 Sc) and (iii) the same overaging behavior. All RE segregate to the core of Al[sub:3](Sc[sub:1-x]RE[sub:x]) precipitates. Series Volume
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