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Type Current, Michael I.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Sputtering of tungsten: a direct view of a near surface depleted zone created by a single 30 keV63 Cu+ projectile Volume Journal Article
Pages 1980
  Abstract Nuclear Instruments and Methods  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 170  
Editor 1-3
  Summary Language 377-381 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title The vacancy structure of near-surface depleted zone (DZ), created by a single 30 keV 63Cu+ ion in a tungsten field-ion microscope (FIM) specimen, was determined with atomic resolution. Both the irradiation and pulse field-evaporation experiments were performed in situ at less, approximate11 K, so that the observed vacancy structure was unaltered by the long-range migration of self-interstitial atoms. The following basic physical quantities were measured: (1) the number of vacancies; (2) the dimensions; (3) the vacancy concentration; (4) the distribution of first-nearest-neighbor vacancy clusters; and (5) the radial-distribution function for the vacancies out to ninth-nearest neighbor. The values of these quantitieswere shown to be similar for both the near-surface DZ and DZs created in the bulk of the same specimen by 30 keV 63Cu+ projectiles.
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no 8862
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