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Type Gerstl, Stephan S. A.; Kim, Young-Won; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Atomic scale chemistry of alpha(2)/gamma interfaces in a multi-component TiAl alloy Volume Journal Article
Pages 2004
  Abstract Interface Science  
  Corporate Author Interface Sci.  
Publisher 12  
Editor 2-3
  Summary Language 303-310 Series Editor TiAl – interface – partitioning – proxigram – interfacial excess  
Abbreviated Series Title We report on the distribution of micro-alloying elements in a multi-component TiAl-based alloy. The specimen contains 3 at.% Nb, 1.5 at.% Cr, 0.5 at.% Mn, 0.6 at.% (W + Hf + Zr), and 0.2 at.% each of B, C, and O. The distributions of all micro-alloying elements with respect to the heterophase interface between agr2 and gamma lamellae are analyzed with a three-dimensional atom-probe (3DAP) microscope. All the elements partition except boron, which resides primarily in boride precipitates. Oxygen, C, Mn, and Cr partition to the agr2-phase, whereas Nb and Zr partition to the gamma-phase. Both W and Hf exhibit excess concentration values within ca. 7 nm of the lamellar interface in the agr 2-phase, and their near interfacial excesses are 0.26 and 0.35 atoms nm–2, respectively.
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no 9295
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