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Title Karnesky, Richard A.; Sudbrack, Chantal K.; Seidman, David N.
Year Best-Fit Ellipsoids of Atom-Probe Tomographic Data to Study Coalescence of [gamma]' (L1[sub:2]) Precipitates in Ni-Al-Cr
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 2007 Keywords Scripta Materialia
Thesis 57
Place of Publication 4 Language 353-356
Original Title Best-fit ellipsoid; Atom-probe tomography; Coarsening; Nickel alloys
Series Title An algorithm is presented to fit precipitates in atom probe tomographic data sets as equivalent ellipsoids. Unlike previous techniques, which measure only the radius of gyration, these ellipsoids retain the moments of inertia and principle axes of the original precipitate, preserving crystallographic orientational information. The algorithm is applied to study interconnected [gamma]'-precipitates (L1[sub:2]) in the [gamma]-matrix (FCC) of a Ni-Al-Cr alloy. The precipitates are found to coagulate along <110>-type directions. Series Volume
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