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Type Kim, Y.-C.; Adusumilli, P.; Lauhon, L.J.; Seidman, D.N.; Jung, S.-Y.; Lee, H.-D.; Alvis, R.L.; Ulfig, R.M.; Olson, J.D.
  Publication Three-dimensional atomic-scale mapping of Pd in Ni[sub:1 - x]Pd[sub:x]Si/Si(100) thin films Volume Journal Article
Pages 2007
  Abstract Applied Physics Letters  
  Corporate Author Appl. Phys. Lett.  
Publisher 91  
Editor 11
  Summary Language 113106:1-3 Series Editor annealing; interface roughness; nickel compounds; palladium compounds; rapid thermal processing; semiconductor-metal boundaries  
Abbreviated Series Title Atom-probe tomography was utilized to map the three-dimensional distribution of Pd atoms in nickel monosilicide thin films on Si(100). A solid-solution Ni0.95Pd0.05 film on a Si(100) substrate was subjected to rapid thermal processing plus steady-state annealing to simulate the thermal processing experienced by NiSi source and drain contacts in standard complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor processes. Pd is found to segregate at the (Ni0.95Pd0.05)Si/Si(100) heterophase interface, which may provide a previously unrecognized contribution to monosilicide stabilization. The silicide-Si heterophase interface was reconstructed in three dimensions on an atomic scale and its chemical roughness was evaluated.
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