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Adusumilli, Praneet; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Seidman, David N.; Murray, Conal E.; Avayu, Ori; Rosenwaks, Yossi Tomographic study of atomic-scale redistribution of platinum during the silicidation of Ni0.95Pt0.05/Si(100) thin films 2009 Applied Physics Letters 94 113103_1-3
Adusumilli, Praneet; Murray, Conal E.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Avayu, Ori; Rosenwaks, Yossi; Seidman, David N. Three-Dimensional Atom-Probe Tomographic Studies of Nickel Monosilicide/Silicon Interfaces on a Subnanometer Scale 2009 ECS Transactions 19 303-314
Kim, Y.-C.; Adusumilli, P.; Lauhon, L.J.; Seidman, D.N.; Jung, S.-Y.; Lee, H.-D.; Alvis, R.L.; Ulfig, R.M.; Olson, J.D. Three-dimensional atomic-scale mapping of Pd in Ni[sub:1 - x]Pd[sub:x]Si/Si(100) thin films 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91 113106:1-3
Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana V. N. T.; Shutthanandan, V; Prosa, T. J.; Adusumilli, P.; Arey, B.; Buxbaum, A.; Wang, Y. C.; Tessner, T.; Ulfig, R.; Wang, C. M.; Thevuthasan, S. Three-dimensional chemical imaging of embedded nanoparticles using atom probe tomography 2012 Nanotechnology 23 215704
Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana, V. N. T.; Adusumilli, P.; Prosa, T. J.; Ulfig, R. M.; Shutthanandan, V.; Arey, B. W.; Thevuthasan, S. Influence of embedded Au-nanoclusters on the Atom Probe Tomography of Bulk MgO 2010 Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy, Vol. 2, R. Barer and V. E. Cosslett, eds., Academic Press, London (1968) 343analysis
Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Adusumilli, Praneet; Ronsheim, Paul; Flaitz, Philip L.; Lawrence, Dan Atom-Probe Tomography of Semiconductor Materials and Device Structures 2009 MRS Bulletin 34 738-743
Mao, Zugang; Kim, Yeong-Cheol; Lee, Hi-Deok; Adusumilli, Praneet; Seidman, David N. NiSi crystal structure, site preference, and partitioning behavior of palladium in NiSi(Pd)/Si(100) thin films: Experiments and calculations 2011 Applied Physics Letters 99 013106
Thevuthasan, S.; Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana, V. N. T.; Adusumilli, P.; Olszta, M.; Arey, B.; Shutthanandan, V.; McKinely, J. P.; Wang, C. M.; Bruemmer, S.; Baer, D. R.; Prosa, T.; Ulfig, R.; Seidman, D.; Buxbaum, A.; Wang, Y. C.; Tessner, T. Laser Assisted Atom Probe Tomography analysis of nanoscale, energy and environment related materials at EMSL 2010 Microscopy and Microanalysis