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Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana V. N. T.; Shutthanandan, V; Prosa, T. J.; Adusumilli, P.; Arey, B.; Buxbaum, A.; Wang, Y. C.; Tessner, T.; Ulfig, R.; Wang, C. M.; Thevuthasan, S. Three-dimensional chemical imaging of embedded nanoparticles using atom probe tomography 2012 Nanotechnology 23 215704
Kim, Y.-C.; Adusumilli, P.; Lauhon, L.J.; Seidman, D.N.; Jung, S.-Y.; Lee, H.-D.; Alvis, R.L.; Ulfig, R.M.; Olson, J.D. Three-dimensional atomic-scale mapping of Pd in Ni[sub:1 - x]Pd[sub:x]Si/Si(100) thin films 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91 113106:1-3
Adusumilli, Praneet; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Seidman, David N.; Murray, Conal E.; Avayu, Ori; Rosenwaks, Yossi Tomographic study of atomic-scale redistribution of platinum during the silicidation of Ni0.95Pt0.05/Si(100) thin films 2009 Applied Physics Letters 94 113103_1-3
Mao, Zugang; Kim, Yeong-Cheol; Lee, Hi-Deok; Adusumilli, Praneet; Seidman, David N. NiSi crystal structure, site preference, and partitioning behavior of palladium in NiSi(Pd)/Si(100) thin films: Experiments and calculations 2011 Applied Physics Letters 99 013106
Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Adusumilli, Praneet; Ronsheim, Paul; Flaitz, Philip L.; Lawrence, Dan Atom-Probe Tomography of Semiconductor Materials and Device Structures 2009 MRS Bulletin 34 738-743
Adusumilli, Praneet; Murray, Conal E.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Avayu, Ori; Rosenwaks, Yossi; Seidman, David N. Three-Dimensional Atom-Probe Tomographic Studies of Nickel Monosilicide/Silicon Interfaces on a Subnanometer Scale 2009 ECS Transactions 19 303-314
Thevuthasan, S.; Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana, V. N. T.; Adusumilli, P.; Olszta, M.; Arey, B.; Shutthanandan, V.; McKinely, J. P.; Wang, C. M.; Bruemmer, S.; Baer, D. R.; Prosa, T.; Ulfig, R.; Seidman, D.; Buxbaum, A.; Wang, Y. C.; Tessner, T. Laser Assisted Atom Probe Tomography analysis of nanoscale, energy and environment related materials at EMSL 2010 Microscopy and Microanalysis
Kuchibhatla, Satyanarayana, V. N. T.; Adusumilli, P.; Prosa, T. J.; Ulfig, R. M.; Shutthanandan, V.; Arey, B. W.; Thevuthasan, S. Influence of embedded Au-nanoclusters on the Atom Probe Tomography of Bulk MgO 2010 Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy, Vol. 2, R. Barer and V. E. Cosslett, eds., Academic Press, London (1968) 343analysis