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Baker, A. M.; Cerezo, A.; Petford-Long, A. K. Interfacial diffusion studies in Co-Pd layered films 1996 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 156 83-84 details   doi
Bandy, Steve G.; Webb, Christopher; Nishimoto, Clifford K.; Larue, Ross A. Single-crystal field-emission device and its manufacture 1994 European Patent EP578512 details   url
Barber, C. Bradford; Dobkin, David P.; Huhdanpaa, Hannu The Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hulls 1996 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 22 469-483 details   doi
Blenkinsop, P. A.; Job, B. E.; Brailsford, D. F.; C.M Cross,; Robertson, A. J. B. Experimental investigation of the use of sharp edges for the production of positive ions in field ionisation mass spectrometry 1968 International Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Physics 1 details   openurl
Brailsford, A. D.; Wynblatt, P. The Dependence of Ostwald Ripening Kinetics on Particle Volume Fraction 1979 Acta Metallurgica 27 489-497 details   doi
Cantor, B.; Allen, C. M.; Dunin-Burkowski, R.; Green, M. H.; Hutchinson, J. L.; O'Reilly, Q., K A; Petford-Long, A. K.; Schumacher, P.; Sloan, J.; Warren, P. J. Applications of nanocomposites 2001 Scripta Materialia 44 2055-2059 details   openurl
Cerezo, A.; Abraham, M.; Clifton, P.; Lane, H.; Larson, D. J.; Petford-Long, A. K.; Thuvander, M.; Warren, P. J.; Smith, W., G D Three-dimensional atomic scale analysis of nanostructured materials 2001 Micron 32 731-739 details   openurl
Cerezo, A.; Hetherington, M. G.; Petford-Long, A. K. Atom probe and HREM characterization of transition metal multilayers 1990 Thin Film Structures and Phase Stability, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Clemens, B. M. and Johnson, W. L., eds., MRS, Pittsburgh, PA (1990) 187, 333-8 details   openurl
Cerezo, A.; Hyde, J. M.; Hetherington, M. G.; Petford-Long, A. K. Atom probe studies of interfaces in metallic multilayers 1991 Proc. Phase Transformation Kinetics in Thin Films, April 29-May 1, 1991, Anaheim, CA, M. Chen, M. Thompson, R. Schwarz, and M. Libera, eds., Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, PA, 230 details   openurl
Cerezo, A.; Petford-Long, A.; Larson, D.; Pinitsoontorn, S.; Singleton, E. The formation mechanism of aluminium oxide tunnel barriers 2006 Journal of Materials Science 41 7843-7852 details   doi
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