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Angseryd, J.; Liu, F.; Andrén, H.-O.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Thuvander, M. Quantitative APT analysis of Ti(C,N) 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 609-614 details   url
Mutas, S.; Klein, C.; Gerstl, S.S.A. Investigation of the analysis parameters and background subtraction for high-k materials with atom probe tomography 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 546-551 details   url
Dmitrieva, O.; Choi, P.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D. Pulsed-laser atom probe studies of a precipitation hardened maraging TRIP steel 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 623-627 details   url
Gerstl, Stephan S. A.; Seidman, David, N.; Gribb, Amy A.; Kelly, Thomas F. LEAP Microscopes look at TiAl Alloys 2004 Advanced Materials & Processes 162 31-33 details   pdf url
Thorsten Mehrtens and Stephanie Bley and Marco Schowalter and Kathrin Sebald and Moritz Seyfried and Jürgen Gutowski and Stephan S A Gerstl and Pyuck-Pa Choi and Dierk Raabe and Andreas Rosenauer A (S)TEM and atom probe tomography study of InGaN 2011 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 326 012029 details   doi
Chad M Eichfeld and Stephan S A Gerstl and Ty Prosa and Yue Ke and Joan M Redwing and Suzanne E Mohney Local electrode atom probe analysis of silicon nanowires grown with an aluminum catalyst 2012 Nanotechnology 23 215205 details   doi
Muller, M.; Cerezo, A.; Smith, G.D.W.; Chang, L.; Gerstl, S.S.A. Atomic scale characterization of buried In[sub x]Ga[sub 1 - x]As quantum dots using pulsed laser atom probe tomography 2008 Applied Physics Letters 92 233115-3 details   doi
Moszner, F.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Uggowitzer, P.J.; Löffler, J.F. Structural and chemical characterization of the hardening phase in biodegradable Fe-Mn-Pd maraging steels 2014 Journal of Materials Research 29 1069-1076 details   doi
Larson, D.J.; Geiser, B.P.; Prosa, T.J.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Reinhard, D.A.; Kelly, T.F. Improvements in planar feature reconstructions in atom probe tomography 2011 Journal of Microscopy 243 15-30 details   doi
Benedek, R.; van de Walle, A.; Gerstl, S. S. A.; Asta, M.; Seidman, D. N.; Woodward, C. Partitioning of solutes in multiphase TiAl alloys 2005 Physical Review B 71 094201: 1-12 details   pdf doi
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