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Agrawal, Ravi; Bernal, Rodrigo A.; Isheim, Dieter; Espinosa, Horacio D. Characterizing Atomic Composition and Dopant Distribution in Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires Using Laser-Assisted Atom Probe Tomography 2011 J. Phys. Chem. C 115 17688-17694 details   pdf doi
Avishai, A.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Ernst, F.; Michal, G. M.; Heuer, A. H. Local-Electrode Atom Probe (LEAPâ¢) Tomographic Microanalysis of Low-Temperature Gas-Carburized Austenitic Stainless Steel 2007 Microscopy and Microanalysis details   pdf openurl
Fine, M. E.; Isheim, D. Origin of copper precipitation strengthening in steel revisited 2005 Scripta Materialia 53 115-118 details   pdf doi
Geber, G. P.; Al-Kassab, T.; Isheim, D.; Busch, R.; Haasen, P. The new atom probe in Gottingen 1992 Zeitschrift für Metallkunde 83 details   openurl
Hartshorne, M.I.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D.N.; Taheri, M.L. Specimen preparation for correlating transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography of mesoscale features Ultramicroscopy details   pdf doi
Heck, P. R.; Pellin, M. J.; Davis, A. M.; Martin, I.; Renaud, I.; Benbalagh, R.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Hiller, J.; Stephan, T.; Lewis, R. S.; Savina, M. R.; Maine, A.; Elam, J.; Staermann, F. J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T. L.; Amari, S. Atom-Probe Tomographic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains and Meteoric Nanodiamonds First Results on Silicon Carbide 2010 details   pdf openurl
Heck, P.R.; Pellin, M.J.; Davis, A.M.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D.N.; Hiller, J.; Mane, A.; Elam, J.; Savina, M.R.; Stephan, T.; Stadermann, F.J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T.L.; Floss, C. Atom-Probe Tomography Of Meteoritic And Synthetic Nanodiamonds 2011 Meteoritics & Planetary Science 46 A90-A90 details   doi
Hellman, Olof C.; Vandenbroucke, Justin A.; Rusing, Jorg; Isheim, Dieter; Seidman, David N. Analysis of Three-dimensional Atom-probe Data by the Proximity Histogram 2000 Microscopy & Microanalysis 6 437-444 details   pdf doi
Hentschel, Th..; Isheim, D.; Kirchheim, R.; Muller, F.; Kreye, H. Nanocrystalline Ni-3.6 at.%P and its transformation sequence studied by atom probe field ion microscopy 2000 Acta Materialia 48 933-941 details   pdf doi
Isheim, D. Metastable phase formation during the decomposition of Fe-20 at.% Mo 2000 Acta Materialia 48 2873-2883 details   openurl
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