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Buchenauer, D.A.; Karnesky, R.A.; Fang, Z.Z.; Ren, C.; Oya, Y.; Otsuka, T.; Yamauchi, Y.; Whaley, J.A. Gas-driven permeation of deuterium through tungsten and tungsten alloys 2016 Fusion Engineering and Design 109-111 104-108 details   pdf doi
Causey, Rion A.; Karnesky, Richard A.; San Marchi, Chris Tritium Barriers and Tritium Diffusion in Fusion Reactors 2012 Comprehensive Nuclear Materials 4.16 511-549 details   pdf doi
Chao, Paul; Karnesky, Richard A. Hydrogen Isotope trapping in Al-Cu binary alloys 2016 Materials Science & Engineering A 658 422-428 details   pdf doi
Dingreville, R.; Karnesky, R.A.; Puel, G.; Schmitt, J.-H. Synergies between computational modeling and experimental characterization of materials across length scales 2015 Journal of Materials Science 51 1176-1177 details   pdf doi
Dingreville, Rémi; Karnesky, Richard A.; Puel, Guillaumel; Schmitt, Jean-Hubert Review of the Synergies Between Computational Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Materials Across Length Scales 2015 Journal of Materials Science 51 1178-1203 details   pdf doi
Karnesky, R.A.; Chao, P.; Buchenauer, D.A. Hydrogen isotope permeation and trapping in additively manufactured steels 2017 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference 6A V06AT06A019 details   pdf doi
Karnesky, Richard A. Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Al–Sc with Rare-Earth Element or Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] Additions 2007 258 details   pdf openurl
Karnesky, Richard A.; Bartelt, Norman C.; Huang, Derek; Teslich, Nick; Kumar, Mukul Imaging and Quantification of Hydrogen Isotope Trapping 2012 SAND2012-8539 details   pdf url
Karnesky, Richard A.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N. Evolution of Nanoscale Precipitates in Al Microalloyed with Sc and Er 2009 Acta Materialia 57 4022-4031 details   pdf doi
Karnesky, Richard A.; Isheim, Dieter ; Seidman, David N. Direct Measurement of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Interprecipitate Distance Distributions from Atom-Probe Tomographic Reconstructions 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91 013111:1-3 details   pdf doi
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