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Zhou, F.; Lee, J.; Dallek, S.; Lavernia, E.J. High grain size stability of nanocrystalline Al prepared by mechanical attrition 2001 Journal of Materials Research 16 3451-3458 details   doi
Ye, J.; Han, B.Q.; Lee, Z.; Ahn, B.; Nutt, S.R.; Schoenung, J.M. A tri-modal aluminum based composite with super-high strength 2005 Scripta Materialia 53 481-486 details   doi
Y.K. Chen-Wiegart, S. Wang, W.K. Lee, I. McNulty, P.W. Voorhees, D.C. Dunand In situ Imaging of Dealloying during Nanoporous Gold Formation by Transmission X-ray Microscopy 2013 Acta Materialia 61 1118-1125 details   openurl
Witkin, D.; Lee, Z.; Rodriguez, R.; Nutt, S.; Lavernia, E. Al-Mg alloy engineered with bimodal grain size for high strength and increased ductility 2003 Scripta Materialia 49 297-302 details   doi
Wang, W. N.; Fox, N. A.; Davis, T. J.; Richardson, D.; Lynch, G. M.; Steeds, J. W.; Lee, J. S. Growth and field emission properties of multiply twinned diamond films with quintuplet wedges 1996 Applied Physics Letters 69 2825-2827 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Photofield emission spectroscopy of surface electronic states of tungsten 1986 Surface Science 172 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Linear intensity dependence of photoinduced field emission from tungsten 1982 Surface Science 116 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Polarization dependence of photoexcitation in photofield emission 1983 Surface Science 125, details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Sample positioner and deflection energy analyzer for measurements of photofield emission 1985 Review of Scientific Instruments 56 details   openurl
Veerababu, R.; Balamuralikrishnan, R.; Muraleedharan, K.; Srinivas, M. Three-dimensional atom probe investigation of microstructural evolution during tempering of an ultra-high-strength high-toughness steel 2008 Metallurgical And Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy And Materials Science 39a 1486-1495 details   doi
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