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Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G.; Shikhovtseva, E. S. Field emission current fluctuations related to the atomic diffusion on the metal surface 1991 Poverkhnost 11 details   openurl
Barnett, D. M.; Lee, J. K.; Aaronson, H. I.; Russell, K. C. Strain Energy of a Coherent Ellipsoidal Precipitate 1974 Scripta Metallurgica 8 1447-1450 details   openurl
Cade, J. N. A., S E; Lee, R. A. Fabrication of sharp field emission structures using ion beam milling 1990 Vacuum Microelectronics, 1989 5-8 details   url
Chan, K. S.; Lee, J. K.; Shiflet, G. J.; Russell, K. C.; Aaronson, H. I. Generalization of Nucleus Shape-Dependent Parameters in the Nucleation Rate Equation 1978 Metallurgical Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 9 1016-1017 details   openurl
Chi, E. J.; Shim, J. Y.; Baik, H. K.; Lee, S. M. Fabrication of amorphous-carbon-nitride field emitters 1997 Applied Physics Letters 71 324-326 details   pdf doi
Cho, H.; Chung, B.; Ko, T.; Jeon, D.; Lee, M. S.; Baik, Y. - J. Fabrication of patterned diamond field emitter tips using silicon oxide barrier 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 313-315 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia. 313-315 details   openurl
Chung, B.; Cho, H.; Lee, S.; Ko, T. - Y.; Lee, J. - Y.; Jeon, D.; Lee, K. - R.; Joo, B. K.; Oh, M. H. Silicon field emitters coated with diamond-like carbon 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6-C5 85-89 details   openurl
Chung, S. C.; Han, S. Z.; Lee, H. M.; Kwon, H. S. Coarsening Phenomenon of L1$_2$ Precipitates in Rapidly Solidified Al-3at.%(Ti,V,Zr) System 1995 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 33 687-693 details   openurl
Cochran, J. K.; Chapman, A. T.; Hill, D. N.; Lee, K. J. Low-voltage field emission from tungsten fiber arrays in a stabilized zirconia matrix 1987 J. Mater. Res. 2 details   openurl
Cochran, J. K.; Lee, K. J.; Hill, D. N. Comparison of low-voltage field emission from tantalum carbide and tungsten fiber arrays 1988 J. Mater. Res. 3 details   openurl
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