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Kim, Y.-C.; Adusumilli, P.; Lauhon, L.J.; Seidman, D.N.; Jung, S.-Y.; Lee, H.-D.; Alvis, R.L.; Ulfig, R.M.; Olson, J.D. Three-dimensional atomic-scale mapping of Pd in Ni[sub:1 - x]Pd[sub:x]Si/Si(100) thin films 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91 113106:1-3 details   pdf doi
Galtrey, M.J.; Oliver, R.A.; Kappers, M.J.; McAleese, C.; Zhu, D.; Humphreys, C.J.; Clifton, P.H.; Larson, D.; Cerezo, A. Compositional inhomogeneity of a high-efficiency In[sub x]Ga[sub 1 - x]N based multiple quantum well ultraviolet emitter studied by three dimensional atom probe 2008 Applied Physics Letters 92 041904-3 details   doi
Mao, Zugang; Kim, Yeong-Cheol; Lee, Hi-Deok; Adusumilli, Praneet; Seidman, David N. NiSi crystal structure, site preference, and partitioning behavior of palladium in NiSi(Pd)/Si(100) thin films: Experiments and calculations 2011 Applied Physics Letters 99 013106 details   pdf doi
Koops, P., H W; Kretz, J.; Rudolph, M.; Weber, M.; Dahm, G.; Lee, K. L. Characterization and application of materials grown by electron-beam-induced deposition 1994 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 33 7099-7107 details   openurl
Lee, Byeong-Joo; Jang, Je-Wook A modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for the FeH system 2007 Acta Materialia 55 6779-6788 details   doi
Gaudin, G. A.; Lee, G., M J Electronic structure of copper overlayers on the (100) and (111) surfaces of tungsten 1994 Physical Review B49 5575-5584 details   openurl
Knipling, Keith E.; Karnesky, Richard A.; Lee, Constance P.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N. Precipitation Evolution in Al-0.1Sc, Al-0.1Zr, and Al-0.1Sc-0.1Zr (at.%) Alloys during Isochronal Aging 2010 Acta Materialia 58 5184-5195 details   pdf doi
Lee, B.C.; Park, J.K. Effect of the addition of Ag on the strengthening of Al3Li phase in Al-Li single crystals 1998 Acta Materialia 46 4181-4187 details   doi
Jeon, B. - S.; Yoo, J. S.; Lee, J. D. Electrophoretic deposition of ZnO:Zn phosphor for field emission display applications 1996 J. Electrochem. Soc. 143 3923-3927 details   openurl
Jung, Y. H.; Ju, B. K.; Jung, J. H.; Lee, Y. H.; Oh, M. H.; Kim, C. J. Characteristics on the gate insulator of metal tip field emitter arrays after wetting etching process 1997 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 36 3576-3579 details   openurl
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