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Park, H. - W.; Ju, B. - K.; Lee, Y. - H.; Park, J. - H.; Oh, M. - H. Emission characteristics of the molybdenum-coated silicon field emitter array 1996 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 35 L1301-L1304 details   openurl
Lee, W.S.; Chen, T.H. Effects of strain rate and temperature on dynamic mechanical behaviour and microstructural evolution in aluminium-scandium (Al-Sc) alloy 2008 Materials Science and Technology 24 1271-1282 details   doi
Ahmad, Zaki; Ul-Hamid, Anwar; B.J., Abdul-Aleem The corrosion behavior of scandium alloyed Al 5052 in neutral sodium chloride solution 2001 Corrosion Science 43 1227-1243 details   doi
Lee, Woei-Shyan; Chen, Tao-Hsing; Lin, Chi-Feng; Lu, Ging-Ting Adiabatic Shearing Localisation in High Strain Rate Deformation of Al-Sc Alloy 2010 Materials Transactions 51 1216-1221 details   doi
Y.K. Chen-Wiegart, S. Wang, W.K. Lee, I. McNulty, P.W. Voorhees, D.C. Dunand In situ Imaging of Dealloying during Nanoporous Gold Formation by Transmission X-ray Microscopy 2013 Acta Materialia 61 1118-1125 details   openurl
Kwon, H.; Barlat, F.; Lee, M.; Chung, Y.; Uhm, S. Influence of Tempering Temperature on Low Cycle Fatigue of High Strength Steel 2014 ISIJ International 54 979-984 details   doi
Han, B.Q.; Lee, Z.; Witkin, D.; Nutt, S.; Lavernia, E.J. Deformation behavior of bimodal nanostructured 5083 Al alloys 2005 Metallurgical And Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy And Materials Science 36a 957-965 details   doi
Galtrey, M.J.; Oliver, R.A.; Kappers, M.J.; McAleese, C.; Zhu, D.; Humphreys, C.J.; Clifton, P.H.; Larsen, D.; Cerezo, A. Atom probe revels the structure of InxGe1-xN based quantum wells in three dimensions 2008 Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 245 861-867 details   doi
Lee, D.-H.; Hong, K.T.; Nam, S.W. Intergraular fracture behavior of an Al-3at.%Mg solid solution alloy under the viscous glide creep condition 1991 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 25 823-828 details   doi
Jiang, C.; Gleeson, B. Effects of Cr on the elastic properties of B2 NiAl: A first-principles study 2006 Scripta Materialia 55 759-762 details   doi
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