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Park, Kyung-Tae; Hwang, Duck-Young; Lee, Young-Kook; Kim, Young-Kuk; Shin, Dong Hyuk High strain rate superplasticity of submicrometer grained 5083 Al alloy containing scandium fabricated by severe plastic deformation 2003 Materials Science and Engineering A 341 273-281 details   doi
Lee, J. S.; Liu, K. S.; Chuang, F. Y.; Sun, C. Y.; Huang, C. M.; Lin, I. N. Effect of Au buffer on the field emission characteristics of chemical vapor deposited diamond films 1997 Applied Surface Science 113-114 264-268 details   openurl
Kim, I. - S.; Hunn, J. D.; Hashimoto, N.; Larson, D. J.; Maziasz, P. J.; Miyahara, K.; Lee, E. H. Defect and void evolution in oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steels under 3.2 MeV Fe+ ion irradiation with simultaneous helium injection 2000 Journal of Nuclear Materials 280 264-274 details   openurl
Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G. Microroughness field emission electron energy distribution and electron-phonon interaction spectroscopy near the metal surface 1988 Physica Status Solidi A 108 251-255 details   doi
Park, Jin Ho; Kim, Jeong Kil; Lee, Bong Ho; Kim, Sang Seok; Kim, Kyoo Young Three-dimensional atom probe analysis of intergranular segregation and precipitation behavior in Ti-Nb-stabilized low-Cr ferritic stainless steel 2013 Scripta Materialia 68 237-240 details   doi
Jung, J. H.; Ju, B. K.; Lee, Y. H.; Park, K. C.; Jang, J.; Jung, Y. H.; Kim, C. J.; Oh, M. H. Emission stability of DLC coated metal-tips FEA 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 231-234 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia 231-234 details   openurl
Ju, B. - K.; Park, H. - W.; Lee, Y. H.; Chung, I. - J.; Haskard, M. R.; Park, J. - H.; Oh, M. H. Field emission properties of Mo-coated Si field emitter arrays and formation of molybdenum silicide 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 221-225 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia. 221-225 details   openurl
Rogozhkin, S.; Aleev, A.; Zaluzhnyi, A.; Kuibida, R.; Kulevoi, T.; Nikitin, A.; Orlov, N.; Chalykh, B.; Shishmarev, V. Effect of irradiation by heavy ions on the nanostructure of perspective materials for nuclear power plants 2012 The Physics of Metals and Metallography 113 200-211 details   doi
Jung, J. H.; Ju, B. K.; Lee, Y. H.; Jang, J.; Oh, M. H. Enhancement of electron emission efficiency and stability of molybdenum-tip field emitter array by diamond like carbon coating 1997 IEEE Electron Device Lett. 18 197-199 details   openurl
Donders, P. J.; Lee, M. J. G. Thermal field emission and thermal photofield emission from tungsten (110) 1986 Surface Science 175 197-214 details   openurl
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