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Robins, E. S.; Lee, M. J. G.; Langlois, P. Effect of optical diffraction on laser heating of a field emitter 1986 Can. J. Phys. 64 details   openurl
Sinnott, Susan; Mao, Zugang; Lee, Kiho Computational Studies of Molecular Diffusions through Carbon Nanotubes Based membrances (Invited) 2002 Computer Modeling in Engineering and Science 3 575-587 details   pdf url
Lee, J. D.; Cochran, J. K.; Hill, D. N.; Chapman, A. T.; Feeney, R. K. Fabrication of low voltage field emitter arrays from metal oxide-metal composites 1979 Conf. In Situ Compos. (Proc.) 3, details   openurl
Ahmad, Zaki; Ul-Hamid, Anwar; B.J., Abdul-Aleem The corrosion behavior of scandium alloyed Al 5052 in neutral sodium chloride solution 2001 Corrosion Science 43 1227-1243 details   doi
Kim, Jeong Kil; Kim, Yeong Ho; Lee, Bong Ho; Kim, Kyoo Young New findings on intergranular corrosion mechanism of stabilized stainless steels 2011 Electrochimica Acta 56 1701-1710 details   doi
Park, K. H.; Lee, S.; Koh, K. H.; Park, J. I.; Park, K. J.; Takaya, M. Field emission characteristics of diamond films 1996 Han'guk Pyomyon Konghak Hoechi 29 505-511 details   openurl
Lee, H. C.; Huang, R. S. Simulation and design of field emitter array 1990 IEEE Elec. D11 details   openurl
Uh, H. S.; Kwon, S. J.; Lee, J. D. A novel fabrication process of a silicon field emitter array with thermal oxide as a gate insulator 1995 IEEE Electron Device Lett. 16 488-490 details   openurl
Jung, J. H.; Ju, B. K.; Lee, Y. H.; Jang, J.; Oh, M. H. Enhancement of electron emission efficiency and stability of molybdenum-tip field emitter array by diamond like carbon coating 1997 IEEE Electron Device Lett. 18 197-199 details   openurl
Lee, C. R. A., N A; Patel, C. Wet etching of cusp structures for field-emission devices 1989 IEEE Trans. Electr. Devices 36 details   openurl
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