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Leerkamp, P.; Wolk, R. M.; Nieuwenhuys, B. E. Nitric oxide dissociation and reduction with hydrogen on platinum surfaces 1988 Journal de Physique 49-C6 details   openurl
Arbuzov, V. L.; Vykhodets, V. B.; Trakhtenberg, S., I; Davletshin, A. E.; Bakunin, O. M.; Plotnikov, S. A.; Lee, J. H.; Kim, S. J.; Chung, B. S. The use of STM for investigation of surface relief in respect to tribologic properties of DLC coatings 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6 185-188 details   url
Chung, B.; Cho, H.; Lee, S.; Ko, T. - Y.; Lee, J. - Y.; Jeon, D.; Lee, K. - R.; Joo, B. K.; Oh, M. H. Silicon field emitters coated with diamond-like carbon 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6-C5 85-89 details   openurl
Lee, S.; Chung, B.; Ko, T. - Y.; Cho, H.; Jeon, D.; K.-R Lee,; Yun, C. E. Field emission from pure and nitrogen-incorporated diamond-like-carbon films 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6-C5 91-95 details   openurl
Park, J. - Y.; Choi, H. - J.; Lee, Y.; Kang, S.; Chun, K.; Park, S. W.; Kuk, Y. Construction of STM aligned electron field emission source 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6-C5 285-289 details   openurl
Kim, B. J.; Moon, K. I.; Lee, K. S. The Effect of the Third-Element Addition on the Fatigue Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Al-Ti Alloys 1999 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 292 174-180 details   openurl
Moon, K. I.; Chang, K. Y.; Lee, K. S. The Effect of Ternary Addition on the Formation and the Thermal Stability of {L1$_2$ Al$_3$Zr} Alloy with Nanocrystalline Structure by Mechanical Alloying 2000 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 312 273-283 details   openurl
Lee, Woei-Shyan; Chen, Tao-Hsing; Lin, Chi-Feng; Chen, Ming-Shiang Impact deformation behaviour and dislocation substructure of Al-Sc alloy 2010 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 493 580-589 details   doi
Lee, J. S.; Liu, K. S.; Lin, I. N. Effect of substrate materials on the electron field emission characteristics of chemical vapor deposited diamond films 1997 Journal of Applied Physics 82 3310-3313 details   openurl
Lee, M. J. G.; Robins, E. S. Thermal relaxation of a laser illuminated field emitter 1989 Journal of Applied Physics 65 details   openurl
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