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Tomaszewska, Agnieszka; Shim, Hyungjoon; Ahn, Chanmo; Lee, Geunseop Reinvestigation of the alkali-metal-induced Ge(1 1 1)3×1 reconstruction on the basis of boundary structure observations 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 392-396 details   doi
Lee, Woei-Shyan; Chen, Tao-Hsing Rate-dependent deformation and dislocation substructure of Al–Sc alloy 2006 Scripta Materialia 54 1463-1468 details   doi
Uh, H. S.; Kwon, S. J.; Lee, J. D. Process design and emission properties of gated n+ polycrystalline silicon field emitter arrays for flat-panel display applications 1997 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A B15 472-476 details   openurl
Knipling, Keith E.; Karnesky, Richard A.; Lee, Constance P.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N. Precipitation Evolution in Al-0.1Sc, Al-0.1Zr, and Al-0.1Sc-0.1Zr (at.%) Alloys during Isochronal Aging 2010 Acta Materialia 58 5184-5195 details   pdf doi
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Polarization dependence of photoexcitation in photofield emission 1983 Surface Science 125, details   openurl
Lee, J. K.; Earmme, Y. Y.; Aaronson, H. I.; Russell, K. C. Plastic Relaxation of the Transformation Strain-Energy of a Misfitting Spherical Precipitate -- Ideal Plastic Behavior 1980 Metallurgical Transactions A 11 1837-1847 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Photofield emission spectroscopy of surface electronic states of tungsten 1986 Surface Science 172 details   openurl
Park, S. I.; Han, S. Z.; Choi, S. K.; Lee, H. M. Phase Equilibria of Al$_3$(Ti,V,Zr) Intermetallic System 1996 Scripta Materialia 34 1697-1704 details   openurl
Ahn, I. S.; Kim, S. S.; Park, M. W.; Lee, K. M. Phase Characteristics of Mechanically Alloyed Al-10wt.%Nb Alloy 2000 Journal of Materials Science Letters 19 2015-2018 details   openurl
Lee, M. J. G.; Reifenberger, R. Periodic field-dependent photocurrent from a tungsten field emitter 1978 Surface Science 70 details   openurl
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