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Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Linear intensity dependence of photoinduced field emission from tungsten 1982 Surface Science 116 details   openurl
Lee, H. M.; Lee, J.; Lee, Z. H. Lattice Misfit Variation of Al$_3$(Ti,V,Zr) in Al-Ti-V-Zr Alloys 1991 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 25 517-520 details   openurl
Han, S. Z.; Park, S. I.; Huh, J. S.; Lee, Z. H.; Lee, H. M. Lattice Matching of D0$_{23}$ and D0$_{22}$ Phases in Al-6at.%(Ti,V,Zr) Systems 1997 Materials Science and Engineering A 230 100-106 details   openurl
Lee, B.; Elliott, T. S.; Mazumdar, T. K.; McIntyre, P. M.; Pang, Y.; Trost, H. - J. Knife-edge thin film field emission cathodes on (110) silicon wafers 1994 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A B12 644-647 details   openurl
Donders, P. J.; Lee, M. J. G. Irradiance dependence of photofield emission from tungsten 1986 Surface Science 167 141-149 details   openurl
Aleev, A.A.; Iskandarov, N.A.; Klimenkov, M.; Lindau, R.; Möslang, A.; Nikitin, A.A.; Rogozhkin, S.V.; Vladimirov, P.; Zaluzhnyi, A.G. Investigation of oxide particles in unirradiated ODS Eurofer by tomographic atom probe 2011 Journal of Nuclear Materials 409 65-71 details   doi
Lee, D.-H.; Hong, K.T.; Nam, S.W. Intergraular fracture behavior of an Al-3at.%Mg solid solution alloy under the viscous glide creep condition 1991 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 25 823-828 details   doi
Lee, J. K.; Johnson, W. C. Influence of Transformation Strain Energy Upon Diffusional Nucleation and Growth 1982 Solid-State Phase Transformations 127-150 details   openurl
Kwon, H.; Barlat, F.; Lee, M.; Chung, Y.; Uhm, S. Influence of Tempering Temperature on Low Cycle Fatigue of High Strength Steel 2014 ISIJ International 54 979-984 details   doi
Hadley, K. W.; Donders, P. J.; Lee, M. J. G. Influence of shank profile on laser heating of a field emitter 1984 Journal of Applied Physics 57 details   openurl
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