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Lee, B.; Barasch, E. F.; Mazumdar, T.; McIntyre, P. M.; Pang, Y.; Trost, H. - J. Development of knife-edge field emission cathodes on (110) silicon wafers 1993 Applied Surface Science 67 details   openurl
Park, H. - W.; Ju, B. - K.; Lee, Y. - H.; Kang, I. - B.; Samaan, N.; Haskard, M. R.; Park, J. - H.; Oh, M. - H. Direct bonding between spacer and field emitter array using an electron-beam evaporated interlayer 1997 Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 3046 (Smart Electronics and MEMS) (1997) 328-335 328-335 details   openurl
Aleksankin, M. M.; Samchenko, I. P.; Fileleeva, L. I.; Nazarenko, V. A.; Pokrovskii, V. A.; Topchii, V. A. Dissociation and rearrangements of molecular ions of sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones generated by a strong electric field 1987 Teoreticheskaya I Eksperimentalnaya Khimiya 23 details   openurl
Han, S. Z.; Rho, B. S.; Lee, H. M.; Choi, S. K. Effect of Alloyed Ti:Zr ratio on Phase Stability of Al$_{66}$Mn$_9$(Ti,Zr)$_{25}$ Intermetallic Compounds 1996 Intermetallics 4 245-249 details   openurl
Lee, J. S.; Liu, K. S.; Chuang, F. Y.; Sun, C. Y.; Huang, C. M.; Lin, I. N. Effect of Au buffer on the field emission characteristics of chemical vapor deposited diamond films 1997 Applied Surface Science 113-114 264-268 details   openurl
Rogozhkin, S.; Aleev, A.; Zaluzhnyi, A.; Kuibida, R.; Kulevoi, T.; Nikitin, A.; Orlov, N.; Chalykh, B.; Shishmarev, V. Effect of irradiation by heavy ions on the nanostructure of perspective materials for nuclear power plants 2012 The Physics of Metals and Metallography 113 200-211 details   doi
Robins, E. S.; Lee, M. J. G.; Langlois, P. Effect of optical diffraction on laser heating of a field emitter 1986 Can. J. Phys. 64 details   openurl
Vaynman, S.; Fine, M.E.; Lee, S.; Espinosa, H.D. Effect of strain rate and temperature on mechanical properties and fracture mode of high strength precipitation hardened ferritic steels 2006 Scripta Materialia 55 351-354 details   doi
Lee, J. S.; Liu, K. S.; Lin, I. N. Effect of substrate materials on the electron field emission characteristics of chemical vapor deposited diamond films 1997 Journal of Applied Physics 82 3310-3313 details   openurl
Lee, B.C.; Park, J.K. Effect of the addition of Ag on the strengthening of Al3Li phase in Al-Li single crystals 1998 Acta Materialia 46 4181-4187 details   doi
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