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Park, S. I.; Han, S. Z.; Lee, Z. H.; Lee, H. M. A Correction to Optimum Alloy Composition for Design of High-temperature High-Strength Al-Ti-V-Zr Alloys through Thermodynamic Calculations 1997 Scripta Materialia 37 93-97 details   openurl
Henslee, S. P.; Margolis, W. S.; Johnson, R. M.; Wiseman, C. D. A gnomonic method for the indexing of field ion micrographs 1978 Journal of Applied Physics 49 details   openurl
Lee, Byeong-Joo; Jang, Je-Wook A modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for the FeH system 2007 Acta Materialia 55 6779-6788 details   doi
Lee, C. G.; Ahn, H. Y.; Lee, J. D.; Park, H. S. A new approach to manufacturing field emitter arrays with submicron gate apertures 1995 Tech. Dig. 14-17 details   openurl
Lee, J. H.; Kang, S. W.; Kim, S. G.; Song, Y. - H.; Cho, K. I.; Yoo, H. J. A new fabrication method of silicon field emitter array with local oxidation of polysilicon and chemical-mechanical-polishing 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 415-418 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia 415-418 details   openurl
Lee, C. G.; Park, B. G.; Lee, J. D. A new fabrication process of volcano-shaped field emitters for large-area display applications 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 384-387 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia details   openurl
Uh, H. S.; Kwon, S. J.; Lee, J. D. A novel fabrication process of a silicon field emitter array with thermal oxide as a gate insulator 1995 IEEE Electron Device Lett. 16 488-490 details   openurl
Lee, H. C.; Huang, R. S. A study on field-emission array pressure sensors 1992 Sens. Actuators A34 details   openurl
Moon, K. I.; Kim, S. C.; Lee, K. S. A Study on the Microstructure of {D0$_{23}$ Al$_3$Zr and L1$_2$ (Al+12.5 at.% Cu)$_3$Zr} Intermetallic Compounds Synthesized by {PBM and SPS} 2002 Intermetallics 10 185-194 details   openurl
Ye, J.; Han, B.Q.; Lee, Z.; Ahn, B.; Nutt, S.R.; Schoenung, J.M. A tri-modal aluminum based composite with super-high strength 2005 Scripta Materialia 53 481-486 details   doi
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