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Sinnott, Susan; Mao, Zugang; Lee, Kiho Computational Studies of Molecular Diffusions through Carbon Nanotubes Based membrances (Invited) 2002 Computer Modeling in Engineering and Science 3 575-587 details   pdf url
Derraa, A.; Lee, G., M J Configuration and electronic structure of silver overlayers on microscopic (110) facets of tungsten 1995 Surface Science 329 1-13 details   openurl
Lee, R. A.; Miller, A. J.; Patel, C.; Williams, H. A. Construction and performance of field emitting cathodes 1990 Vacuum Microelectronics, 1989 105-108 details   url
Park, J. - Y.; Choi, H. - J.; Lee, Y.; Kang, S.; Chun, K.; Park, S. W.; Kuk, Y. Construction of STM aligned electron field emission source 1996 Journal de Physique IV 6-C5 285-289 details   openurl
Donders, P. J.; Lee, M. J. G. Coulomb scattering in field and photofield emission 1987 Physical Review B35 details   openurl
Lee, K. J. Current limiting of field emitter array cathodes 1986 Univ. Microfilms Int., Order No. DA8628359 (1986) details   openurl
Kim, I. - S.; Hunn, J. D.; Hashimoto, N.; Larson, D. J.; Maziasz, P. J.; Miyahara, K.; Lee, E. H. Defect and void evolution in oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steels under 3.2 MeV Fe+ ion irradiation with simultaneous helium injection 2000 Journal of Nuclear Materials 280 264-274 details   openurl
Han, B.Q.; Lee, Z.; Witkin, D.; Nutt, S.; Lavernia, E.J. Deformation behavior of bimodal nanostructured 5083 Al alloys 2005 Metallurgical And Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy And Materials Science 36a 957-965 details   doi
Lee, H. M. Design of Al$_3$(Ti,V,Zr) Systems through Phase-Stability Calculations 1992 Materials Science and Engineering A 152 26-30 details   openurl
Lee, H. M. Design of High-Temperature High-Strength Al-Ti-V-Zr Alloys 1990 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 24 2443-2446 details   openurl
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