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Rogozkin, S.; Chernobaeva, A.; Aleev, A.; Nikitin, A.; Zaluzhnyi, A.; Erak, D.; Shtrombakh, Ya.; Zabusov, O.; Debarberis, L.; Zeman, A. The Effect of Post-Irradiation Annealing on VVER-440 RPV Materials Mechanolocal Properties and Nano-Structure Under Re-Irradiation 2009 ASME Conference Proceedings 2009 553-562 details   doi
Lee, Woei-Shyan; Chen, Tao-Hsing; Lin, Chi-Feng; Chen, Ming-Shiang Impact deformation behaviour and dislocation substructure of Al-Sc alloy 2010 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 493 580-589 details   doi
Lee, S.-W.; Yeh, J.-W. Superplasticity of 5083 alloys with Zr and Mn additions produced by reciprocating extrusion 2007 Materials Science and Engineering: A 460-461 409-419 details   doi
Lee, Z.; Witkin, D.B.; Radmilovic, V.; Lavernia, E.J.; Nutt, S.R. Bimodal microstructure and deformation of cryomilled bulk nanocrystalline Al-7.5Mg alloy 2005 Materials Science and Engineering: A 410-411 462-467 details   doi
Rogozhkin, S.V.; Aleev, A.A.; Zaluzhnyi, A.G.; Nikitin, A.A.; Iskandarov, N.A.; Vladimirov, P.; Lindau, R.; Möslang, A. Atom probe characterization of nano-scaled features in irradiated ODS Eurofer steel 2011 Journal of Nuclear Materials 409 94-99 details   doi
Aleev, A.A.; Iskandarov, N.A.; Klimenkov, M.; Lindau, R.; Möslang, A.; Nikitin, A.A.; Rogozhkin, S.V.; Vladimirov, P.; Zaluzhnyi, A.G. Investigation of oxide particles in unirradiated ODS Eurofer by tomographic atom probe 2011 Journal of Nuclear Materials 409 65-71 details   doi
Park, Kyung-Tae; Hwang, Duck-Young; Lee, Young-Kook; Kim, Young-Kuk; Shin, Dong Hyuk High strain rate superplasticity of submicrometer grained 5083 Al alloy containing scandium fabricated by severe plastic deformation 2003 Materials Science and Engineering A 341 273-281 details   doi
Derraa, A.; Lee, G., M J Configuration and electronic structure of silver overlayers on microscopic (110) facets of tungsten 1995 Surface Science 329 1-13 details   openurl
Gaudin, G. A.; Lee, G., M J Aggregates of chemisorbed copper on the (110) and (100) surfaces of tungsten: electronic structure 1994 Surface Science 310 34-44 details   openurl
Lagow, B.W.; Robertson, I.M.; Jouiad, M.; Lassila, D.H.; Lee, T.C.; Birnbaum, H.K. Observation of dislocation dynamics in the electron microscope 2001 Materials Science And Engineering A 309-310 445-450 details   url
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