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Howell, P. R.; Fleet, D. E.; Page, T. F.; Ralph, B. The segregation of chromium to grain boundaries in tungsten 1973 Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Strength of Metals and Alloys, pub. The Institute of Metals,London 1 details   openurl
Barnett, D. M.; Lee, J. K.; Aaronson, H. I.; Russell, K. C. Strain Energy of a Coherent Ellipsoidal Precipitate 1974 Scripta Metallurgica 8 1447-1450 details   openurl
Howell, P. R.; Fleet, D. E.; Hildon, A.; Ralph, B. Field-ion microscopy of segregation to planar imperfections 1976 J. Microsc. 107 details   openurl
Lee, J. K.; Barnett, D. M.; Aaronson, H. I. Elastic Strain-Energy of Coherent Ellipsoidal Precipitates in Anisotropic Crystalline Solids 1977 Metallurgical Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 8 963-970 details   openurl
Russell, K. C.; Barnett, D. M.; Altstetter, C. J.; Aaronson, H. I.; Lee, J. K. Strain-Energy Interactions, the To Concept and Sympathetic Nucleation 1977 Scripta Metallurgica 11 485-490 details   openurl
Chan, K. S.; Lee, J. K.; Shiflet, G. J.; Russell, K. C.; Aaronson, H. I. Generalization of Nucleus Shape-Dependent Parameters in the Nucleation Rate Equation 1978 Metallurgical Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 9 1016-1017 details   openurl
Games, D. E.; Lee, M. G.; Lewis, I. A. S.; Rossiter, M. Studies of drugs and their metabolites by field ionization gas chromatography / mass spectrometry 1978 Biological Mass Spectrometry 7 details   openurl
Henslee, S. P.; Margolis, W. S.; Johnson, R. M.; Wiseman, C. D. A gnomonic method for the indexing of field ion micrographs 1978 Journal of Applied Physics 49 details   openurl
Lee, J. D. Low voltage field emission cathodes from eutectic composites 1978 Univ. Microfilms Int., Order No. 7907227 (1978) details   openurl
Lee, M. J. G.; Holzwarth, N. A. W. Surface electronic wave functions of a semi-infinite muffin-tin lattice. II. Application to copper (001) and (110) 1978 Phys. Rev. B, Condens. Matter 18, details   openurl
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