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Lee, M. J. G.; Reifenberger, R. Periodic field-dependent photocurrent from a tungsten field emitter 1978 Surface Science 70 details   openurl
Lee, J. D.; Cochran, J. K.; Hill, D. N.; Chapman, A. T.; Feeney, R. K. Fabrication of low voltage field emitter arrays from metal oxide-metal composites 1979 Conf. In Situ Compos. (Proc.) 3, details   openurl
Reifenberger, R.; Goldberg, H. A.; Lee, M. J. G. Measurement of the total energy distribution in photoinduced field emission 1979 Surface Science 83, details   openurl
Lee, J. K.; Earmme, Y. Y.; Aaronson, H. I.; Russell, K. C. Plastic Relaxation of the Transformation Strain-Energy of a Misfitting Spherical Precipitate -- Ideal Plastic Behavior 1980 Metallurgical Transactions A 11 1837-1847 details   openurl
Lee, M. J. G.; Reifenberger, R.; Robins, E. S.; Lindenmayr, H. G. Thermally enhanced field emission from a laser-illuminated tungsten tip: temperature rise of tip 1980 Journal of Applied Physics 51 details   openurl
Johnson, W. C.; Lee, J. K. The Elastic Field of an Inhomogeneous System 1982 Solid-State Phase Transformations 151-155 details   openurl
Lee, J. K.; Johnson, W. C. Influence of Transformation Strain Energy Upon Diffusional Nucleation and Growth 1982 Solid-State Phase Transformations 127-150 details   openurl
Legoues, F. K.; Aaronson, H. I.; Lee, Y. W.; Fix, G. J. Influence of Crystallography Upon Critical Nucleus Shapes and Kinetics of Homogeneous FCC-FCC Nucleation--Part I. The Classical Theory Regime 1982 Solid-State Phase Transformations 427-431 details   openurl
Eaton, H. C.; Lee, L. The simulation of images in the field ion microscope: specimens of arbitrary crystal structure and orientation 1982 Journal of Applied Physics 53 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Linear intensity dependence of photoinduced field emission from tungsten 1982 Surface Science 116 details   openurl
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