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Robins, E. S.; Lee, M. J. G.; Langlois, P. Effect of optical diffraction on laser heating of a field emitter 1986 Can. J. Phys. 64 details   openurl
Venus, D.; Lee, M. J. G. Photofield emission spectroscopy of surface electronic states of tungsten 1986 Surface Science 172 details   openurl
Aleksankin, M. M.; Samchenko, I. P.; Fileleeva, L. I.; Nazarenko, V. A.; Pokrovskii, V. A.; Topchii, V. A. Dissociation and rearrangements of molecular ions of sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones generated by a strong electric field 1987 Teoreticheskaya I Eksperimentalnaya Khimiya 23 details   openurl
Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G.; Kukharenko, Y. A. Inelastic energy losses at electron tunneling through potential barriers 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Cochran, J. K.; Chapman, A. T.; Hill, D. N.; Lee, K. J. Low-voltage field emission from tungsten fiber arrays in a stabilized zirconia matrix 1987 J. Mater. Res. 2 details   openurl
Donders, P. J.; Lee, M. J. G. Coulomb scattering in field and photofield emission 1987 Physical Review B35 details   openurl
Gaudin, G. A.; Lee, M. J. G. Emission parameters of low-index surfaces by a combined field and photofield emission method 1987 Surface Science 185 details   openurl
Park, T. S.; Chae, K. S.; Lee, W. S.; Lee, W. H. Study on amorphous Ni77.5Si7.9B14.6 alloy by FIM and atom probe 1987 Sae Mulli 27 details   openurl
Park, T. S.; Sohn, K. S.; Jung, S. M.; Lee, W. S. FIM and FIM-atom probe analysis of niobium-hydrogen system 1987 Sae Mulli 27 details   openurl
Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G. Microroughness field emission electron energy distribution and electron-phonon interaction spectroscopy near the metal surface 1988 Physica Status Solidi A 108 251-255 details   doi
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