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Abov, Y.G.; Zaluzhnyi, A.G.; Elliott, C.M.; Goshchitskii, B.N. Memorial Note for Professor Alexander L. Suvorov (1943-2005) 2007 Ultramicroscopy 107 xii-xiii details   doi
Achter, M. R.; Smoluchowski, R. On the Role of Grain Boundaries in Creep 1956 Acta Metallurgica 4 331-332 details   openurl
Ahmad, Matlub Compositional variation in the near surface layers: an atom probe study of surface segregation in alloys 1985 The Pennsylvania State University AAT 8515992 81 details   url
Al-Kassab, Tala'at; Yuan, Yong; Kluthe, Christian; Boll, Torben; Liu, Zhi-Guo Investigation of the ordering and atomic site occupancies of Nb-doped TiAl/Ti[sub:3]Al intermetallics 2007 Surface and Interface Analysis 39 257-261 details   doi
Alam, Talukder; Chaturvedi, Mahesh; Ringer, Simon P.; Cairney, Julie M. Precipitation and Clustering in the Early Stages of Ageing in Inconel 718 2010 Materials Science and Engineering: A 527 7770-7774 details   doi
Aleev, A.A.; Iskandarov, N.A.; Klimenkov, M.; Lindau, R.; Möslang, A.; Nikitin, A.A.; Rogozhkin, S.V.; Vladimirov, P.; Zaluzhnyi, A.G. Investigation of oxide particles in unirradiated ODS Eurofer by tomographic atom probe 2011 Journal of Nuclear Materials 409 65-71 details   doi
Andersson, J.-O.; Helander, T.; Hoglund, L.; Shi, P.; Sundman, B. Thermo-Calc & DICTRA, computational tools for materials science 2002 Calphad 26 273-312 details   doi
Ardanshev, M. P.; Golubok, A. O.; Fedorov, N. F.; Sharkova, O. P.; Shelankov, A. L. Demountable electron-ion microscope 1981 Instr. Exp. Tech. 24 236-238 details   openurl
Arise, T.; Lu, H.; Nakamura, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Yamamoto, R.; Doyama, M. Field ion microscopic studies of amorphous Metglas 2826 (Fe40Ni40P14B6) g alloy 1982 Proc. Int. Conf. Rapidly Quenched Met. 1 details   openurl
Arise, T.; Lu, H.; Nakamura, M.; Yamamoto, R.; Doyama, M. FIM studies of amorphous metglass 2826 (Fe40Ni40P14B6) alloy 1980 Proc. 27th IFES, Tokyo details   openurl
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