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Arslan, I; Marquis, E.A.; Homer, M.; Hekmaty, M.A.; Bartelt, N.C. Towards better 3-D reconstructions by combining electron tomography and atom-probe tomography 2008 Ultramicroscopy Accepted details   doi
Aruga, Yasuhiro; Saxey, David W.; Marquis, Emmanuelle A.; Cerezo, Alfred; Smith, George D.W. Atom probe characterization of precipitation in an aged Cu-Ni-P alloy 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 725-729 details   url
Aruga, Yasuhiro; Saxey, David W.; Marquis, Emmanuelle A.; Shishido, Hisao; Sumino, Yuya; Cerezo, Alfred; Smith, George D.W. Effect of P Content on Stress Relaxation and Clustering Behavior in Cu-Ni-P Alloys 2010 Materials Transactions 51 1802-1808 details   doi
Cerezo, A.; Clifton, P.H.; Galtrey, M.J.; Humphreys, C.J.; Kelly, T.F.; Larson, D.J.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Marquis, E.A.; Oliver, R.A.; Sha, G.; Thompson, K.; Zandbergen, M.; Alvis, R.L. Atom probe tomography today 2007 Materials Today 10 36-42 details   doi
de Castro, V.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Marquis, E.A.; Auger, M.A.; Leguey, T.; Pareja, R. Analytical characterisation of oxide dispersion strengthened steels for fusion reactors 2011 Materials Science and Technology 27 719-723 details   doi
de Castro, V.; Marquis, E.A.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Pareja, R.; Jenkins, M.L. Stability of nanoscale secondary phases in an oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-12Cr alloy 2011 Acta Materialia 59 3927-3936 details   doi
Dong, Y.; Etienne, A.; Frolov, A.; Fedotova, S.; Fujii, K.; Fukuya, K.; Hatzoglou, C.; Kuleshova, E.; Lindgren, K.; London, A.; Lopez, A.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Miyahara, Y.; Nagai, Y.; Nishida, K.; Radiguet, B.; Schreiber, D.K.; Soneda, N.; Thuvander, M.; Toyama, T.; Wang, J.; Sefta, F.; Chou, P.; Marquis, E.A. Atom Probe Tomography Interlaboratory Study on Clustering Analysis in Experimental Data Using the Maximum Separation Distance Approach 2019 25 356-366 details   doi
Gault, B.; Haley, D.; de Geuser, F.; Moody, M.P.; Marquis, E.A.; Larson, D.J.; Geiser, B.P. Advances in the reconstruction of atom probe tomography data 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 448-457 details   doi
Gault, B.; Moody, M.; Marquis, E.A.; Geuser, F. de; Geiser, B.P.; Larson, D.J.; Kelly, T.F.; Ringer, S.P.; Smith, G.D.W. Tomographic Reconstruction in Atom Probe Microscopy: Past, Present.?.?. Future? 2009 Microscopy and Microanalysis 15 10-11 details   doi
Gault, Baptiste; La Fontaine, Alex; Moody, Michael P.; Ringer, Simon P.; Marquis, Emmanuelle A. Impact of laser pulsing on the reconstruction in an atom probe tomography 2010 Ultramicroscopy 110 1215-1222 details   doi
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