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Deconihout, B.; Saint-Martin, R.; Jamot, C.; Bostel, A. Improvement of the mass resolution of the atom probe using a dual counter-electrode 2003 Ultramicroscopy 95 239-249 details   openurl
Devel, M.; Girard, C.; Joachim, C.; Martin, F., O J Field induced manipulation of fullerene molecules with the STM: a self-consistent theoretical study 1995 Applied Surface Science 87/88 390-397 details   openurl
Georges Martin Resumee Georges Martin 2019 details   openurl
Habibi-Bajguirani, H. R.; Martin, J. W.; Cantor, B. TEM Studies of the Precipitation in High {Zr} Spray Formed {Al-Li-Zr} 1996 Aluminium Alloys: Their Physical and Mechanical Properties, Pts 1-3 217 871-876 details   openurl
Hadjadj, L.; Menand, A.; Martin, C. Atom probe study of a Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloy: preliminary results 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Heck, P. R.; Pellin, M. J.; Davis, A. M.; Martin, I.; Renaud, I.; Benbalagh, R.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Hiller, J.; Stephan, T.; Lewis, R. S.; Savina, M. R.; Maine, A.; Elam, J.; Staermann, F. J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T. L.; Amari, S. Atom-Probe Tomographic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains and Meteoric Nanodiamonds First Results on Silicon Carbide 2010 details   pdf openurl
Hetherly, J.; Martinez, E.; Di, Z.F.; Nastasi, M.; Caro, A. Helium bubble precipitation at dislocation networks 2011 Scripta Materialia In Press details   doi
Hopgood, A. A.; Nicholls, A.; Smith, G. D. W.; Martin, J. W. Effects of heat treatment on phase chemistry and microstructure of single crystal nickel base superalloy 1988 Materials Science and Technology 4 details   openurl
Jones, J. P.; Martin, A. D. High field microscopy of nickel on tungsten 1974 Surface Science 41 details   openurl
Krishnaswamy, S. V.; Martinka, M.; Müller, E. W. Multilayer field evaporation patterns 1977 Surface Science 64 details   openurl
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