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Ladwig, Peter F.; Olson, Jesse D.; Bunton, Joseph H.; Larson, David J.; Ulfig, Robert M.; Martens, Richard L.; Gribb, Tye T.; Kelly, Thomas F.; Bonsager, Martin C.; Schultz, Allan E.; Pant, Bharat B.; Chang, Y. Austin Intermixing and phase separation at the atomic scale in Co-rich (Co,Fe) and Cu multilayered nanostructures 2005 Applied Physics Letters 87 121912:1-3 details   doi
D J Larson and D Lawrence and W Lefebvre and D Olson and T J Prosa and D A Reinhard and R M Ulfig and P H Clifton and J H Bunton and D Lenz and J D Olson and L Renaud and I Martin and T F Kelly Toward atom probe tomography of microelectronic devices 2011 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 326 012030 details   doi
Soisson, F.; Barbu, A.; Martin, G. Monte Carlo simulations of copper precipitation in dilute iron-copper alloys during thermal ageing and under electron irradiation 1996 Acta Materialia 44 3789-3800 details   doi
Martin, G. A diffuse interface model for the interfacial transfer coefficient 2005 Acta Materialia 53 2629-2632 details   doi
Clouet, Emmanuel; Barbu, Alain; La, Ludovic; Martin, Georges Precipitation kinetics of Al3Zr and Al3Sc in aluminum alloys modeled with cluster dynamics 2005 Acta Materialia 53 2313-2325 details   doi
Pareige, C.; Soisson, F.; Martin, G.; Blavette, D. Ordering and phase separation in Ni-Cr-Al: Monte Carlo simulations vs three-dimensional atom probe 1999 Acta Materialia 47 1889-1899 details   openurl
Mao, Zugang; Booth-Morrison, Christopher; Sudbrack, Chantal K.; Martin, Georges; Seidman, David N. Kinetic pathways for phase separation: An atomic-scale study in Ni–Al–Cr alloys 2011 Acta Materialia 60 1871-1888 details   pdf doi
Martinez, E.; Ronsheim, P.; Barnes, J.-P.; Rochat, N.; Py, M.; Hatzistergos, M.; Renault, O.; Silly, M.; Sirotti, F.; Bertin, F.; Gambacorti, N. Lanthanum diffusion in the TiN/LaOx/HfSiO/SiO2/Si stack 2011 Microelectronic Engineering 88 1349-1352 details   doi
Martin, G. Reconciling the Classical Nucleation Theory and Atomic Scale Observations and Modeling 2006 Advanced Engineering Materials 8 1231-1236 details   doi
Clouet, E.; Nastar, M.; Barbu, A.; Sigli, C.; Martin, G. An Atomic and Mesoscopic Study of Precipitation Kinetics in Al-Zr-Sc Alloys 2006 Advanced Engineering Materials 8 1228-1231 details   doi
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