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Wojak, G.; Choi, W. B.; Myers, A. F.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. Field emission from aluminum nitride and cubic boron nitride coatings 1996 Proc. 9th Int. Vac. Microelectronics Conf., St. Petersburg, Russia (1996) details   openurl
Wei, Ching-Yeu; Current, Michael I.; Seidman, David N. Direct observation of the primary state of damage of ion-irradiated tungsten: I. Three-dimensional spation distribution of vacancies 1981 Philosophical Magazine A 44 459-491 details   pdf openurl
Warren, S. E. Studies in field ionization kinetics 1978 Univ. Microfilms Int., Order No. 7911136 (1978) details   openurl
Warren, P.J.; Larson, D.J.; Weston, C.; Cerezo, A.; Petford-Long, A.K.; Smith, G.D.W.; Cantor, B. High resolution studies of metallic nanocomposite materials 1999 Nanostructured Materials 12 697-700 details   doi
Warren, P.; Murakami, Y.; Koizumi, Y.; Harada, H. Phase separation in NiTi-N2TiAl alloy system 1997 Materials Science and Engineering A A223 17-20 details   openurl
Warren, P. J.; Todd, I.; Davies, H. A.; Cerezo, A.; Gibbs, J., M R; Kendall, D.; Major, R. V. Partitioning behaviour of Al in a nanocrystalline Fe71.5Si13.5B9Nb3Cu1Al2 alloy 1999 Scripta Materialia 41 1223-1227 details   doi
Warren, P. J.; Thuvander, M.; Abraham, M.; Lane, H.; Cerezo, A.; Smith, W., G D 3-D atom probe studies of some nanostructured materials 2000 Materials Science Forum 343 701-708 details   openurl
Warren, P. J.; Grovenor, M., C R; Crompton, J. S. Field-ion microscope/atom-probe analysis of the effect of RRA heat treatment on the matrix strengthening precipitates in alloy Al-7150 1992 Surface Science 266 details   openurl
Warren, P. J.; Grovenor, M., C R Comparison to STEM and atom probe methods for chemical analysis of grain boundaries in commercial Al alloys 1995 Materials Science Forum 189-190 115-120 details   openurl
Warren, P. J.; Cerezo, A.; Smith, W., G D Observation of atomic planes in 3DAP analysis 1998 Ultramicroscopy 73 261-266 details   openurl
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