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Rendulic, K. D. On field adsorption ionization rates and gas supply 1973 Surface Science 34 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D. Field ionization of gas mixtures 1975 Surface Science 47 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D. Determination of temperature changes in FIM samples due to gas impact 1975 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 8 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D. The potential above field adsorbed gas atoms 1978 Surface Science 70 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. Corrosion of field ion microscope specimens 1969 Appl. of Field Ion Microsc. in Physical Metallurgy and Corrosion 413 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. Measurements on field adsorption of Ne and He and the field ionization of a He-Ne mixture 1971 Surface Science 28 details   openurl
Renaud, L.; Da Costa, G.; Bouet, M.; Deconihout, B. Design of a fast multi-hit position sensitive detector based on a CCD camera 2002 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A477 150-154 details   openurl
Ren, D.; Liu, W. A new method of surface segregation analysis 1989 Proc. 3rd Beijing Conf. and Exhib. on Instrum. Analysis (1989) details   openurl
Ren, D. M.; Tsong, T. T.; Liu, W.; Qin, J. H. Surface segregation of Pt-Rh and Pt-Ru alloys 1990 J. Electron. Sci. Tech. (Chinese) Suppl. 1 details   openurl
Ren, D. M.; Tsong, T. T. Composition depth profiles of PtRh alloys in surface segregation and cosegregation with sulfur impurities 1987 Surface Science 184 details   openurl
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