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Seto, K.; Larson, D. J.; Warren, P. J.; Smith, G. D. W. Grain Boundary Segregation in Boron Added Interstitial Free Steels Studied by 3-Dimensional Atom Probe 1999 Scripta Materialia 40 1029-1034 details   doi
Serena, P. A.; Escapa, L.; Saenz, J. J.; Garcia, N.; Rohrer, H. Coherent electron-emission from point sources 1988 J. Microsc. 152 details   openurl
Seol, J.; Lim, N.; Lee, B.; Renaud, L.; Park, C. Atom probe tomography and nano secondary ion mass spectroscopy investigation of the segregation of boron at austenite grain boundaries in 0.5 wt.% carbon steels 2011 Metals and Materials International 17 413-416 details   doi
Seidman, David N.; Current, Michael I.; Pramanik, Dipankar; Wei, Ching-Yeu Atomic resolution observations of the point defect structure of depleted zones in ion-irradiated metals 1982 Journal of Nuclear Materials 108-109 67-68 details   pdf doi
Seidman, D. N.; Current, M. I.; Pramanik, D.; Wei, C. Y. Direct observations of the primary state of radiation damage of ion-irradiated tungsten and platinum 1981 Nuclear Instruments and Methods 182-183 477-481 details   doi
Schlesser, R.; McClure, M. T.; Choi, W. B.; Hren, J. J.; Sitar, Z. Energy distribution of field emitted electrons from diamond coated molybdenum tips 1997 Applied Physics Letters 70 1596-1598 details   openurl
Sauvage, X.; Renaud, L.; Deconihout, B.; Blavette, D.; Ping, D. H.; Hono, K. Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires 2001 Acta Materialia 49 389-394 details   openurl
Sanwald, R. C.; Ranganathan, S.; Hren, J. J. Computer-simulated ion-emission images of dislocations: Screw dislocation at the center of {420} 1966 Applied Physics Letters 9 details   openurl
Sanwald, R. C.; Hren, J. J. Computer simulation of field ion images 1967 Surface Science 7 details   openurl
Sanwald, R. C.; Hren, J. J. Interpretation of defects in field ion images: FCC materials 1968 Surface Science 9 details   openurl
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