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Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G.; Kukharenko, Y. A. Inelastic energy losses at electron tunneling through potential barriers 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Bakó, Botond; Clouet, Emmanuel; Dupuy, Laurent M.; Blétry, Marc Dislocation dynamics simulations with climb: kinetics of dislocation loop coarsening controlled by bulk diffusion 2011 Philosophical Magazine 91 3173-3191 details   doi
Bardon, J.; Audiffren, M. The polarizability of iridium neutral atoms and their van der Waals interaction with a tungsten surface measured by F.I.M. 1984 Journal de Physique 45-C9 details   openurl
Bardon, J.; Audiffren, M. Medium range interaction between neutral metal atoms and a metallic surface (tantalum/tungsten) 1983 J. Phys. Lett. 44 details   openurl
Barengolts, S. A.; Kreindel, Y., M; Litvinov, E. A. Nonequilibrium effects in high current field emission 1992 Surface Science 266 126-131 details   doi
Barengolts, S. A.; Litvinov, E. A.; Imoanov, I. V. Thin superconducting films at field emission 1994 Proc. XVI Intern. Symp. Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum 464-468 details   openurl
Barengolts, S. A.; Litvinov, E. A.; Uimanov, I. V. The effect of field emission on the superconducting properties of a cathode 1994 Physics Letters A 185 113-116 details   doi
Barengolts, S. A.; Litvinov, E. A.; Uimanov, I. V. Nonequilibrium effects in field electron emission from superconductors 1992 Surface Science 266 132-136 details   doi
Bitar, L.; Serena, P. A.; Garcia-Mochales, P.; Garcia, N.; Binh, V. T. Mechanism for diffusion of nanostructures and mesoscopic objects on surfaces 1995 Surface Science 339 221-232 details   openurl
Bledzki, A. K.; Lieser, J.; Wacker, G.; Frenzel, H. Characterization of the surfaces of treated glass fibers with different methods of investigation 1997 Compos. Interfaces 5 41-53 details   openurl
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