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Grenga, H.; Hochman, R. Gas-metal interactions field ion and field emission microscopy 1969 Appl. of Field Ion Microsc. in Physical Metallurgy and Corrosion 391 details   openurl
Sauvage, X.; Renaud, L.; Deconihout, B.; Blavette, D.; Ping, D. H.; Hono, K. Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires 2001 Acta Materialia 49 389-394 details   openurl
Grant, S. P.; Earp, S. L.; Brenner, S. S.; Burke, M. G. Phenomenological modeling of radiation embrittlement in light water reactor vessels with atom probe and statistical analysis 1986 Proc. Intl. Symp. Environ. Degrad. Mater. Nucl. Power Syst.-Water React., 2nd, , Am. Nucl. Soc., La Grange Park, IL (1986) 385-392 385-392 details   openurl
Hyde, J. M.; Cerezo, A.; Setna, R. P.; Warren, P. J.; Smith, W., G D Lateral and depth scale calibration of the position sensitive atom probe 1994 Applied Surface Science 76/77 382-391 details   openurl
Current, Michael I.; Seidman, David N. Sputtering of tungsten: a direct view of a near surface depleted zone created by a single 30 keV63 Cu+ projectile 1980 Nuclear Instruments and Methods 170 377-381 details   doi

Kelly, T. E.; Gribb, T. T.; Olson, J. D.; Martens, R. L.; Shepard, J. D.; Wiener, S. A.; Kunicki, T. C.; Ulfig, R. M.; Lenz, D. R.; Strennen, E. M.; Oltman, E.; Bunton, J. H.; Strait, D. R. First Data from a Commercial Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 2004 Microscopy and Microanalysis 10 373-383 details   doi
Burke, M. G.; Brenner, S. S. Applications of atom-probe field-ion microscopy to segregation and clustering studies in materials science 1986 Microbeam Anal. 21 363-369 details   openurl
Hren, J. J.; Liu, J. Field emission, field ion microscopy, and the atom probe 1994 Microanal. Solids, B. G.Yacobi, D.B. Holt, and L.L. Kazmerski, eds., Plenum Publishing, New York, NY (1994) 359-87 359-387 details   openurl
Dong, Y.; Etienne, A.; Frolov, A.; Fedotova, S.; Fujii, K.; Fukuya, K.; Hatzoglou, C.; Kuleshova, E.; Lindgren, K.; London, A.; Lopez, A.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Miyahara, Y.; Nagai, Y.; Nishida, K.; Radiguet, B.; Schreiber, D.K.; Soneda, N.; Thuvander, M.; Toyama, T.; Wang, J.; Sefta, F.; Chou, P.; Marquis, E.A. Atom Probe Tomography Interlaboratory Study on Clustering Analysis in Experimental Data Using the Maximum Separation Distance Approach 2019 25 356-366 details   doi
Wang, Q.; Kinkus, T. J.; Ren, D. G. Markov process analysis of atom probe data 1990 Chinese Physics Letters 7 353 details   doi
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