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Schlesser, R.; McClure, M. T.; Choi, W. B.; Hren, J. J.; Sitar, Z. Energy distribution of field emitted electrons from diamond coated molybdenum tips 1997 Applied Physics Letters 70 1596-1598 details   openurl
Nam, A. J.; Teren, A.; Lusby, T. A.; Melmed, A. J. Benign making of sharp tips for STM and FIM: Pt, Ir, Au, Pd, and Rh 1995 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 13B 1556-1559 details   doi
Tsong, T. T.; Liu, H. M.; Gao, Q. J.; Ren, D. M.; Liou, Y. Pulsed-laser atom-probe and field-ion microscope study of solid surfaces 1987 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 5 1530-1534 details   doi
Li, Yong; Langdon, Terrence G. A simple procedure for estimating threshold stresses in the creep of metal matrix composites 1997 Scripta Materialia 36 1457-1460 details   doi
Venkateswarlu, K.; Rajinikanth, V.; Ray, Ajoy Kumar; Xu, Cheng; Langdon, Terence G. The characteristics of aluminum-scandium alloys processed by ECAP 2010 Materials Science and Engineering: A 527 1448-1452 details   doi
Martinez, E.; Ronsheim, P.; Barnes, J.-P.; Rochat, N.; Py, M.; Hatzistergos, M.; Renault, O.; Silly, M.; Sirotti, F.; Bertin, F.; Gambacorti, N. Lanthanum diffusion in the TiN/LaOx/HfSiO/SiO2/Si stack 2011 Microelectronic Engineering 88 1349-1352 details   doi
Li, Yong; Langdon, Terence G. An Examination of Creep Data for an Al-Mg Composite 1997 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 28 1271-1273 details   openurl
Warren, P. J.; Todd, I.; Davies, H. A.; Cerezo, A.; Gibbs, J., M R; Kendall, D.; Major, R. V. Partitioning behaviour of Al in a nanocrystalline Fe71.5Si13.5B9Nb3Cu1Al2 alloy 1999 Scripta Materialia 41 1223-1227 details   doi
Kelwing, T.; Naumann, A.; Trentzsch, M.; Trui, B.; Herrmann, L.; Mutas, S.; Graetsch, F.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; KuÌącher, P.; Hansch, W. Comparison of MOCVD- and ALD-Deposited HfZrO[sub:4] Gate Dielectrics for 32-nm High-Performance Logic SOI CMOS Technologies 2010 Electron Device Letters, IEEE 31 1149-1151 details   doi
Ren, D. G. The study of probability of site occupation of Cr atoms in the Ni3(Al,Cr)alloy by AP-FIM 1995 Proc. 2nd Pacific Rim Int. Conf. Advanced Materials and Processing, D.S. Shin, J.K. Yoon and S. J. Kim, eds., The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (1995) 1121-1125 1121-1125 details   openurl
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