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Vaumousse, D.; Cerezo, A.; Warren, P. J.; Court, S. A. An atom probe study of fine scale structure in AlMgSi(Cu) alloys 2002 Materials Science Forum 396-4 693-698 details   openurl
Ding, M. Q.; Choi, W. B.; Myers, A. F.; Sharma, A. K.; Narayan, J.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. Field emission enhancement from Mo tip emitters coated with N containing amorphous diamond films 1997 Surf. Coat. Technol. 94/95 672-675 details   openurl
Causey, R.; Hsu, W.; Mills, B.; Ehrenberg, J.; Phillips, V. Tritium Retention And Migration In Beryllium 1990 Journal Of Nuclear Materials 176 654-660 details   doi
Frykholm, R.; Jansson, B.; Andren, H. O. Methods for atom probe analysis of microgradients in functionally graded cemented carbides 2002 Micron 33 639-646 details   openurl
Stiller, K.; Andren, H.O.; Andersson, M. Precipitation in maraging and martensitic chromium steels - what can we learn using 3-DAP and EFTEM 2008 Materials Science And Technology 24 633-640 details   doi
Ostberg, G.; Jansson, B.; Andren, H. O. On spinodal decomposition in the Co-W system 2006 Scripta Materialia 54 595-598 details   openurl
Leitner, H.; Stiller, K.; Andren, H. - O.; Danoix, F. Conventional and tomographic atom probe investigations of secondary-hardening carbides 2004 Surf. Interface Anal. 36 540-545 details   openurl
Murakami, H.; Warren, P. J.; Kumeta, T.; Koizumi, Y.; Harada, H. Microstructural evolution of b2 (NiTi-based) / b'(Ni2TiAl-based) two phase quaternary alloys 1997 J. Surf. Analysis 3 516-520 details   openurl
Nie, Zuo-ren; Jin, Tou-nan; Zou, Jing-xia; Fu, Jing-bo; Yang, Jin-jun; Zuo, Tie-yong Development on research of advanced rare-earth aluminum alloy 2003 Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 13 509-514 details   openurl
Sha, Gang; Yao, Lan; Liao, Xiaozhou; Ringer, Simon P.; Chao Duan, Zhi; Langdon, Terence G. Segregation of solute elements at grain boundaries in an ultrafine grained Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 500-505 details   url
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