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Dong, Y.; Etienne, A.; Frolov, A.; Fedotova, S.; Fujii, K.; Fukuya, K.; Hatzoglou, C.; Kuleshova, E.; Lindgren, K.; London, A.; Lopez, A.; Lozano-Perez, S.; Miyahara, Y.; Nagai, Y.; Nishida, K.; Radiguet, B.; Schreiber, D.K.; Soneda, N.; Thuvander, M.; Toyama, T.; Wang, J.; Sefta, F.; Chou, P.; Marquis, E.A. Atom Probe Tomography Interlaboratory Study on Clustering Analysis in Experimental Data Using the Maximum Separation Distance Approach 2019 25 356-366 details   doi
Prosa, T.J.; Strennen, S.; Olson, D.; Lawrence, D.; Larson, D.J. A Study of Parameters Affecting Atom Probe Tomography Specimen Survivability 2019 25 425-437 details   doi
Hren, John J. Field-ion microscopy 1968 244 details   url
Brenner, S. S. Microchemical analysis of intermetallic alloys using the field-ion microscope atom probe 1991 details   openurl
Heck, P. R.; Pellin, M. J.; Davis, A. M.; Martin, I.; Renaud, I.; Benbalagh, R.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Hiller, J.; Stephan, T.; Lewis, R. S.; Savina, M. R.; Maine, A.; Elam, J.; Staermann, F. J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T. L.; Amari, S. Atom-Probe Tomographic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains and Meteoric Nanodiamonds First Results on Silicon Carbide 2010 details   pdf openurl
Brenner, S. Sidney FIM/Atom Probe Study of Grain Boundaries in Ni3Al details   url
Gorman, B.P.; Guthrey, H.; Norman, A.G.; Al-Jassim, M.; Lawrence, D.; Prosa, T. Atomic Scale Characterization of Compound Semiconductors using Atom Probe Tomography: Preprint 2011 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC 37) details   url
Audiffren, M.; Traimond, P.; Bardon, J.; Drechsler, M. Study of two-dimensional aggregates of W by field-ion microscopy (French) 1977 3rd Coll. Intl. Phys. Chim. Surf Solides, Grenoble 401 details   openurl
Gordon, Lyle Matthew; Tran, Lawrence; Joester, Derk Atom Probe Tomography of Apatites and Bone-Type Mineralized Tissues 2012 ACS Nano details   doi
Furuno, Kazuko; Akamatsu, Hiroki; Oh-ishi, Keiichiro; Furukawa, Minoru; Horita, Zenji; Langdon, Terence G. Microstructural development in equal-channel angular pressing using a 60° die 2004 Acta Materialia 52 2497-2507 details   doi
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